Dream Yoga

The way the Masters of old discovered Dream Yoga was by studying what a dream is. They found that the Dream-state is of the same Essence as the Waking-state, and yet we experience them as separate. This split is a great maintainer of ignorance. The impulse to bring the Light of Consciousness into the Dream-state is thus a sacred spark.

Into the Clear Light

The Dream Yoga takes us on a journey to the Clear Light. It takes us through the physical, the subtle, the mental – into the Clear Light. It gives us one simple instruction – ‘Go straight like an Arrow into the Clear Light,’

The practice is the surrender of everything that is not the straight flight of the Arrow. Only the true spontaneous Intention coupled with an access to the Dream Yoga keys will give birth to this Arrow.

The Clear Light is our Original State, so when we “arrive there”, we realize we have never truly moved – the journey was a wonderful illusion. Arriving at the Clear Light we arrive where we began, but now without the ignorance – the nature of our experience Shines Clearly

1.5.2023, Vajra Kantor