The First Writing on Dream Yoga

It is completely possible to put the body to sleep without loosing consciousness. Here is how it goes:

The habit of “blacking out” while the body is falling asleep is not followed. Instead, we are watching the processes we call ‘falling asleep’. They are muscular and largely energetic.

There are a few points where we can stumble as the energies are changing, as they are transitions of a sort and an identity can latch itself there, that will cause us to go unconscious.

  1. As the animal falls asleep and our attention transitions primarily to the subtle dimension. – in the body it is experienced as everything below the chest settles.
  2. As we leave the physical body altogether. – this is when the last holding in the head releases and we – Consciousness – falls completely into the subtle dimension.

Here is the interesting part. As we are hanging out there, one of the things that will happen is that at some point a voice will come and say something like – “hey! But when do I get my rest?” (even though the physical body is already asleep.) It is the belief that Consciousness needs rest. Here it can be dealt with.


It is literally ridiculous how much we are missing, if we are not able to – as the subtlw body consciously detach from the physical form – that is, to consciously fall asleep.

While we are waking, the subtle and thw physical bodies are so meshed together, it’s almost impossible to distinguish them, if we have never seen each in its own right.

As the physical body is falling asleep and we are staying with the intention to stay Awake, we will, at some point, notice the subtle body. Now, if this is new to us, we will first have to go through all the identifications that are stuck onto the bodies being together. As we do that, the subtle will cease being meshed together with the physical – that is sleep. At this point, our awareness might either stay in the sleeping physical, or focus in on the subtle. For our purposes, we go for the later.


Ok, so what ARE we missing if we don’t have proper access to the subtle realms?

× Spiritual Masters – most of us, I suspect, have an entire array of Masters – highly evolved beings – waiting to support us. Walking consciously into the Dream-space, is like literally walking into class with them. That is the fastest way to evolve I’ve ever seen – teachings and insights literally copied into your consciousness.

× Past life material – Imagine that you forgot your entire life before the begging of this week. You started learning new skills, begam new projects etc. because you are completely clueless, that you’ve already got such things going, that you’ve been working on for years! That’s comparable to how it is when we don’t have access to the past life stuff. Some of us have spent lifetimes working on certain projects that are not finished yet. Take them up, they are huge for you as a Soul! Some of us have been cultivating certain Realizations and reached some great hights, only to now not have access to it due to it being locked away in ‘past life’. Reclaim it!